Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Giveaway Gelimat Gegurl Gosh"

Join 1st GA yg dianjurkn oleh yer!.bagi k.atie blog faghah Dafhi nie mmg best!.macam2 ASTRO lak..antaranya spt kat bawah nie,korang klik jer apa yg korang suka...

" Merujuk kamus dewan edisi 2018 , aku rasa maksud GELIMAT tu ialah..geli yg teramat-amat maybe pada binatang/benda?.nape GELI-MAT?tak GELI-MINAH ker?hikhik.takpon bermaksud Faghah nie seorg yg amat penjimat orgnya....tue yg jadi GELIMAT.

K.atie ada jumpa kisah GELIMAT nie kat google.nak tahu apa?????saje nk kongsikn dgn faghah & korang semua..hihi.Takper kan faghah tempek kat sini??GELIMAT sebuah mesin???????

The DRAIS GELIMAT COMPUNDER, an ultra high speed thermo kinetic mixing, fluxing and compounding system for processing of both virgin and recycled polymers, as well as highly loaded compounds and master batches was specifically developed for very difficult compounding, mixing and dispersion applications. The GELIMAT's high rotational shaft speed provides an extremely efficient and super fast processing cycle for polymer compounds, highly filled cellulose fibers/plastic compounds and practically any kind of thermoplastic or thermo-set polymers. The Gelimat thermo kinetic principle reduces compounding time to a matter of seconds. Compounded material is discharged automatically by an electronic temperature sensor through a special discharge door. The ejected material can then be fed into a melt pump, a short barrel extruder, calender system, molding system or any other type of shaping device. The entire Gelimat compounding unit is coupled to advanced process controls that allow the user to change any or all process parameters with the touch of a finger. Systems are available from laboratory to large-scale production sizes.

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Farah D said...

Hi! Thnks join GA fara ye, sorry sgt lmbt respond :( apa apa pun thnks tau! and good luck :D

p/s : wah! tk sgka gelimat tu mesin!

farahdafghi said...

Good news!congrats ya! awk terpilih sebagai pemenang giveaway ni :)
kindly email me for further details