Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first GIVEAWAY!!!

Join GA milik IEMANIZA.. pon mudah..

1. Be my follower
2. Put my banner and my link on your blog (for blogger) / click 'like' (for facebook)
3. Copy picture above and spread the word
about this GA on your blog (for blogger) / on your wall (for facebook)
4. Leave a comment and suggestion on how
i can improve this blog
K.atie cadangkan IEMANIZA..tukar template baru yg lebih ceria...seperti item2 yg IEMANIZA jual kt online.kemudian borang pesanan letak kt bahagian atas..mudah pengunjung2 blog IEMANIZA yg berkenan ngan mana2 item yg dipamerkan utk mengisinya.
5. Don't forget to leave your email address and
your blog link so i can visit you later...

1 comment:

iemaniza said...

dear azatie..thanks 4 joining ya!