Thursday, March 15, 2012



follow step by step to join ! Fighting!.
1. Lucky Star Draw only valid for POLARIS MEMOIRS followers and to all fans of Sexy Leader Choi Jong Hoon in Facebook ( non-followers and if you not a fan u would never have the chance to win . kekeke :D)
3. Open world wide. Even if you are not Malaysian, yes you may join.
4. Lucky Draw start from 7th March and ended on 27th March 2012.

1. For blogger, make an entry in your blog with title POLARIS MEMOIRS ♥ I'M THE LUCKY STAR [LUCKY DRAW] ♥. Then, copy banner,rules,steps to join and prizes in your entry. Link this post's URL to banner. After successfully publish your entry, leave your comment under this post and put your entry's URL. So, I will know you join this lucky draw. Then, tag 2 of your blogger's friend to join.
2. For fans of Jong Hoon's page, leave comment "CJH I'M THE LUCKY STAR" under a post in that page's wall.Open page and you can see a post of LUCKY STAR. comment under the post only.
3. [Optional] Like my business page My Treasure Paradise in Facebook and MY FTIsland which is Malaysian Primadonna official page

There will be 7 LUCKY STARS! [4 lucky stars from blogger and 3 lucky stars from Facebook]
Lucky Stars will be chosen using number generator so it will be fair ^-^v. Your lucky number is your number of application. If you are the first person to join. so your number is no 1.
From 7 lucky stars, I will choose again who will take 1st place - 7th place. (using no. generator)
Prizes are different y'all. kekeke. Since my favorite no is no 7, Jong Hoon's b'day on 7th March. So, the 7th place will get thespecial prize ♥
Let's reveal the prizes from 1st place to the 7th place.
Curious enough? Dugeun~~dugeun~~>_<

For 1st lucky star (1st place)
You can choose either Tresure Set (get 1 FT Island album+2 etude House mask) @ choose only 1 of the hottest album.
Treasure set: Memory in FT Island, Return, Distance, Flower Rock, Brand New Days, Beautiful Journey and Grown Up .
Hottest album : Big Bang Alive (you can choose covers you want later), Mblaq%, CN Blue Ear Fun, 2AM F.Scott Fitzgerals Way to Love, Dream High 2 OST and Shinee Sherlock.
For 2nd and 3rd place you can choose either 1 of this
Choose either 1.Secret Shy Boy 2.T-ara Roly Poly in Capabana 3.Orange Caramel shanghai Love 4. X-5 Dangerous 5.ZEA exciting 6.B1A4 let's Fly 7. Trax ft seohyun 8. SNSD Gee Japanese version 9. Shinee Romeo 10.Trax 11. Beast Mastermind 12.Infinite 2nd Invasion 13. FT Island Grown Up 14. T-ara Lovey Dovey 15. LED Apple 1st album 16. Brave girls 17. Infinite Can you smile 18.Sunny Hill The Grasshopper 19. Davichi 20. KARA Lupin 21. Spica Russian roulette 22. Fx CHU 23. Boy Friend Don't Touch my GF 24. NUEST 25.Block B 26. CN Blue BlueTory

For the 4th, 5th and 6th place. You will get discount coupon to shop from my online shop > My Treasure paradise. And you will also get 2 posters of PLAY FT ISLAND promotional posters.

The 7th prize will be a secret. It's a SPECIALprize. something about Jong Hoon!


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